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Gleb Volkov 

Gleb is a Prague based director of photography.

An active cinematography guild member of ACT, the Israeli union for cinema and TV professionals,
he has worked on numerous productions as a cinematographer and camera operator,
with background in focus pulling and gaffing.

He had graduated The Steve Tisch School of Film and Television in Tel Aviv University
and the FAMU Cinematography Master's Program in Prague.

His experience in the various content formats includes feature films, TV dramas, shorts and commercial spots,
as well as large sporting events and live musical performances.

His years in the field gained him thorough technical knowledge in the camera world, as well as a chance to master the art of 'setiquette', which is crucial for smoothly running all the various departments on a set.

He believes productive, efficient and timely collaboration with the director and the production office, as well as production designers, VFX supervisors, technical departments and many others involved in the project
is key to fixing it in pre.

He knows consideration for production needs and working within a budget are every bit as important
as understanding exponometry and colorimetry.

He puts his sense of professional responsibility above all. He demands the same responsibility from the people that work with and under him.

Gleb has traveled to over 40 countries and is fluent in English, Russian and Hebrew.

His favorite bird is the majestic brown pelican.

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