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1. True-to-life? Nobody cares! Have a shot that says something. 

2. Get the 1st shot of the day in the can. The rest will follow.

3. Never skip the lighting tests. Prioritize them over lens tests, if necessary.

4. If you have a say - let the production designer be the first person you recommend in pre.

5. The bunch of inserts you saved for last will take longer than you think.

6. Speak to the VFX supervisor before the VFX supervisor speaks to you.

7. Demand responsibility. Lead by example.

8. A warm and fuzzy 1st AD could be the movies' worst enemy.

9. Better lose with the right person than win with the wrong one.

10. An operator will allow you see the wood for the trees.

11. Never run on set.

12. None of the films you love were shot in 8K.

13. You can only lie to the AD once. Make it count.

14. The right location is worth its weight in gold. Fight for it.

15. If you need to guarantee boring - make sure you show everything.

  • The boring stuff, if you must:"
    Based in Prague. Member of the cinematography guild of ACT, the Israeli union for cinema and TV professionals. Graduated The Steve Tisch School of Film and Television in Tel Aviv University and then studied at the FAMU Cinematography Master's Program in Prague. Has worked in pretty much any format: feature films, TV dramas, shorts, commercials, sporting events, live performances. You name it, tiger. ​ Can do 35mm or iPhone or anything in between. Has traveled to 41 countries. Was once robbed at gunpoint on a shoot in Honduras. Loves film festivals. Hates queueing up. Lives in constant conflict. Fluent in English, Russian and Hebrew. ​ Favorite bird: the majestic brown pelican.
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