1. True-to-life? Nobody cares! Have a shot that says something. 

2. Get the 1st shot of the day in the can. The rest will follow.

3. Never skip the lighting tests. Prioritize them over lens tests, if necessary.

4. If you have a say - let the production designer be the first person you recommend in pre.

5. The bunch of inserts you saved for last will take longer than you think.

6. Speak to the VFX supervisor before the VFX supervisor speaks to you.

7. Demand responsibility. Lead by example.

8. A warm and fuzzy 1st AD could be the movies' worst enemy.

9. Better lose with the right person than win with the wrong one.

10. An operator will allow you see the wood for the trees.

11. Never run on set.

12. None of the films you love were shot in 8K.

13. You can only lie to the AD once. Make it count.

14. The right location is worth its weight in gold. Fight for it.

15. If you need to guarantee boring - make sure you show everything.

Do you still confused which solution is suited for your needs?

Please drop your message below to get a quickguide to choose QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop.

Do you need a boxed CD/DVD package?

Unfortunately we could not help you to provide one. Intuit stopped selling it a few years ago, as the trend in the software industry is moving to purely a digital delivery method. The download version will many times be the latest version of the software compare to what's on the CD/DVD as there are often updates/patches since the release of the disc. All on-going updates for products are provided via secure download and you could copy it into other media on your choice.

Do you want to run your QuickBooks Desktop like QuickBooks Online?

You should consider our recommendation to deploy Quickbooks Private Cloud.

Why you should buy license/subscription/local service from Quickbooks Indonesia?

  • We will patienly to assist any of your concern for final decision. We could probably recommend certain add-on's to meet yourspesific needs to be integrated into QuickBooks.
  • You will discuss and work with our same team for implementing product and/or service (both in English and/or Bahasa)
  • Finance team in our company has been using QuickBooks for daily routines. We do not hesitate to share our experience during training/consultation sessions as needed.
  • You could contact us by email for 24x7x365 for any presales or after sales assistance (charge may apply for certain case)
  • Our price is using Indonesian Rupiah and you could opt to pay in full amount by bank transfer or installment by credit card.
  • We could conduct onsite training/consultation session at your local office in Jakarta or other city.

Is there any local marketplace in Indonesia supporting QuickBooks?

If you are selling product in Zalora or Lazada, you may consider to deploy an inventory management application integrating with QuickBooks. You may also consider using another connector to manage your business account at Tokopedia, Shopee, Blibli, Matahari Mall, Zilingo, JD, and Qoo10.

Is there any available bank feed in Indonesia?

Yes! Intuit has released the beta version of it for Bank Central Asia (BCA), Bank Mandiri, Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI), and Bank Tabungan Negara (BTN).

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