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Gleb is an experienced 1st AC / focus puller based in Prague.

He is a hard-working, team-playing, detail-oriented red-bull-fueled camera department asset.


In the past 10 years Gleb has headed the camera department on hundreds of productions in multiple formats:

- Feature Films

- Advertising spots

- TV series (single/multi-cam)

- Documentaries

- Broadcast environment / ENG

He has worked with multiple award-winning DPs and projects.

He is an ARRI-certified camera assistant, fluent in any and all high-end camera equipment present in the market today.

He will:

- Prep your camera list

- Make useful suggestions

- Thoroughly check equipment

- Build the greatest-looking rig

- Nail the focus 

- Keep things tight and clean

- Watch out for safety of camera    equipment and crew

- Make sure nothing gets lost

- Have your back all day long

He is also an experienced cinematographer and camera operator, so feel free to discuss exposure, color, lighting, film recommendations and any other creative or technical decisions, if you feel like it :)

Fluent in English, Hebrew, Russian, a trochu česky.


+420 606 802 900 (also whatsapp)


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